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Janitorial Service & Supplies

JCB Group Cleaning providing janitorial services to offices, buildings, stores, gyms, financial institutions, dental offices, medical facilities, industrial facilities and more (both large and small). Our highly trained team of professionals uses advanced eco-friendly and green cleaning solutions, procedures, and equipment (microfiber cloths, mops and high filtration vacuums). This enables us to minimize the use of chemicals and improve the air quality in your facility while still removing the highest percentages of dirt, grime, and bacteria. What would a green cleaning service be worth to you if your employees were healthier, happier and maintained better working relationships with their co-workers and clients?

Let JCB set up customized janitorial services that would best fit your company’s individual needs. We’ve been in business long enough to know that no two commercial clients are the same, and we know how to take care of your particular cleaning needs. All of our janitorial services are performed in accordance with the specifications and frequencies detailed in each contract. Our green cleaning team will clean your entryways, hallways, offices, conference rooms, restrooms, closets and everything in between. We provide all paper products and cleaning supplies necessary to maintain your facility. You can rely on JCB to leave your premises not only clean but secure – we’ll turn the lights off, insure that the doors are closed and locked, and the alarm is set. Your customized cleaning program may include:

  • Restroom sanitation
  • Cleaning and disinfecting counters, toilets, tubs, & showers
  • Restocking paper supply
  • Trash Removal
  • Disinfecting switch plates, doorknobs, & phones
  • Dusting
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Cleaning & disinfecting counters, sinks, faucets, & tables
  • Damp wiping cabinet doors
  • Total Floor Care
  • Vacuuming
  • Stair & Elevator cleaning
  • And More...

Let JCB Group Cleaning help you maintain the professional atmosphere you deserve day after day! Contact us for a quote on what it would cost to have the best green cleaning company in the area take care of your commercial spaces. Our focus is to ensure the delivery of an unsurpassed level of integrity, quality, and cleanliness while reducing risk and providing maximum value to your bottom line.