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Your facility’s cleanliness impacts your operations in many ways. From impressions to the health of your employees it’s vital to have a commercial cleaning company that understands this. A company that understands the value of partnering with you, not just working as a vendor.

JCB Group Cleaning has been providing quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services since 2015. We place a high priority on honesty, hard work, and integrity with every service we deliver. Our independently owned business provide evening cleaning services so that we don’t interfere with your daily business activities.

We specialize in cleaning windows, floors, and carpets for just about any type of commercial facility. Best of all, we understand that each facility needs attention on its unique requirements. It’s that type of specific attention to the details that you get when you partner with JCB Group Cleaning .

At JCB Group Cleaning, we specialize in customized programs for your home, office or construction site. We offer many unique features, competitive rates, and the most comprehensive service in the State of Massachussets.

At JCB Group Cleaning, we guarantee specific routine cleaning and provide your staff and clients with a nicely cleansed business environment.

With the past years, we have found the right “magic touch” to personalize and customize every step of our cleaning process, accordingly to your business needs and requirements.

In Residential Cleaning, we have a fully trained staff that will provide quality care and great cleaning services to your home. You can trust us!

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading provider of cleaning services and products to homes and offices in all State of Massachusetts. We strive to build life long relationships with our clients resulting in a better quality of life. We will be an employer of choice, fostering a culture that values dedication, respect and continuous improvement.

Our Mission Statement

In order to realize our Vision, our Mission must be to exceed the expectations of our customers and employees. We will accomplish this by committing to our core values and by achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with extraordinary emphasis on the creation of value. We will achieve all of our goals and visions by believing and executing the core values that guide JCB Group Cleaning.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence We believe that you should strive for Excellence in everything that you do. We believe that if you pursue greatness over profits every time, that the latter will follow the former.

  • Inclusion We believe that everyone in a company should feel Included. Give them great training. Provide them with the right tools and the best tools to do their jobs. Ask for their opinions, often. Celebrate success frequently and with everyone.

  • Integrity We believe in Integrity. Always be honest and have moral principles. You cannot build a strong reputation without integrity.

  • Respect We believe in Respect. Respect for our employees. Respect for our customers. Respect for our community.

  • Teamwork We believe in Teamwork. We believe that people working toward a common goal will enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures, teamwork.